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research methods

What is oral history? Is a powerful means of recording through audio and video the unique memories and life experiences of people whose stories might otherwise have been lost… Advantages: … Continue reading

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Private collection/Research methods (CTS, NOTE FORM)

(part 1) objects of desire- collecting practises and the curator. our relationship to the accumulation of objects is as profound and as significant as our relationships to each other, to … Continue reading

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6 steps research: The Guardian  

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Holocaust Review

To re-open the Imperial War Museum in 2000, following a helpful £12.5 million lottery grant booster that went on to pay for a newly added 5 storey extension, Queen Elizabeth … Continue reading

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Brands and the visual language

OUR CASE STUDY. We decided to focus our cumulative case study on an agency called KesselsKramer, otherwise known as ‘KK’. It is an independent, communications agency based in Amsterdam, London … Continue reading

November 17, 2015

Greenwashing Lecture

Our lecture today was on ‘greenwashing’, we focused mainly on food brands and how companies highlight their supposedly natural sourced products and their environmental/eco friendly production methods through Myth, Aspiration, Desire and Social … Continue reading

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CTS write up [week 4] DRAFT

Ethics, ideologies and the practise of design

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13/10/15-Week 2 write up, CTS. [draft]

‘Emotion and the branded object’ The first piece of text we were introduced to was ‘Stickiness’. It’s a design method which is supposed to be applied to anything that can … Continue reading

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CTS write up, Tuesday 6th October. [Draft]

In todays lesson, we started off with a task called: ‘BRAND ME’. This task entailed that we branded our new teacher, Sarah, based upon 3 questions we could ask about … Continue reading

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Lips Logo

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